"Cajsa is an extremely talented illustrator, who provides excellent work on time. She's inventive, has got high cooperativeness and is very customer oriented.
I highly recommend Cajsa as a freelance illustrator, and would gladly choose her services again.

Helena Joelsson

Air Force Lieutenant


Since 1988, I have worked as an illustrator and graphic designer. I always knew that I wanted to bring my visual storytelling further by adding time and bring it to life as animation. 

I am specialized in character animation and I am experienced in directing and lecturing. I also fancy land art and tattoos. 

I offer illustrations for books and magazines. I mostly draw fantasy and humor, but I am into anything interesting and inspirational. 

Love to make short animations.

Today I invoice through BolagsKraft in Borås, a service for freelancers. I warmly recommend them.

As a freelancer I had the time to work with all kinds of "real jobs" so I have a lot of other knowledge as well. I want to share my belief that you can do and create anything you set out for. As long as you study and work for it. 



A Scarlet film

I animated the vignette for the documentary about two twin sisters that play.  I got to work with the awesome director Charlotte Berglin.

Click here to watch it.



Blekinge tekniska högskola

I held a 2 month course in character animation for 3D (Maya) game developers at SOFE in Karlshamn. Click here to watch me talk about animation for 25 minutes. After the course, the students evaluated it, and you can see that evaluation here

Tutoring the students about the importance of blocking, timing and posing



Animationsverkstan/ Animation i Väst

I took the initiative with a group of colleagues. Johan Cedmar Brandstedt, Midhat Ajanovic and Jens Nilsson f ex came along, to start a freelancer studio for animators in central Gothenburg. In the studio I gave character animation classes. I also founded an organisation to gather and unite the swedish animators around. 

We worked together with the Gothenburg film festival and organized animation screenings and invited famous animators from all over the world. Together with Konstfack we founded the scientific Animation journal Animagi and were part of the editorial staff. 

I did a lot of illustrations, design and front pages for Egmont förlag and BRIS, on health and HBTQ issues . For 10 years I was a heraldry designer for the Swedish armed forces, providing the troops with renewed traditional tags and insignias for their uniforms, flags and medals. For some years I was advisor and directors assistant for Artworks production, who made a documentary show about the viking age. 

Working with Hjördis Davidson and Johan Cedmar- Brandstedt. From the left: Bordo Dovnicovic, the creator of professor Balthazar, Midhat "Ajan" Ajanovic, fim scientist, film creator and author, Caroline Leaf, Canadian animator, nominated to Academy award for "The street". 



The animation academy, Folkuniversitetet, Gotlands konstskola, Visby, Gotland.

Back at my favorite school! Taught charachter animation for a year at the animation school in Visby, Gotland. Very creative environment and talented students!

The school by the shore, rauks and the medieval week.



Motion FX

I directed and animated 2D-commercials and tv-shows, for swedish, european and egyptian TV. There was also a lot of filming, VFX in After FX, editing in AVID and we had a Motion Capture Studio as well, as Motion FX did large jobs for Volvo and JAS Gripen. 



2 years on the animation academy connected to Gotlands konstskola/ Folkuniversitetet/ KY. 

This was a very broad and great classical film/ animation education, where we were able to experiment with special effects, stop motion, classical animation, 3D, and digital 2D- animation. We also did scriptwriting and animation history, and made our own digital games. We had interesting teachers, like Pernilla Hindsefelt, Karl Gunnar Holmkvist, Roy Andersson, Yuri Norstein and Anders Wepsäläinen. During this time I got a contract with Vicks blue to make animated GIF:s for them.

For one year, we had internships at animation studios. I had my internship at Motion FX studios in Göteborg, and when I graduated, they hired me as a director/ animator. 




Here I learnt everything I know about marketing, budget, accounting and taxes. 

This is a portrait of the

business teacher with an imagined mackerel on her head.

My own company studio: The flying dog.

I went to Stockholm and lived in the Filmtecknarna studio under my animation desk for a while, while making

the vignette to the tv-show The

three friends and Jerry for an european audience. I also made the animations for the tv-show Det vete katten.



Animationsstudion Flygande Hunden, Eksjö

I stayed at the University of Arts, crafts and design and worked in my first own animation studio there. I worked on my own independent animation projects as well as several vignettes for tv shows. I also did a lot of sound analysis on 16 mm.  



University of Arts, crafts and design, Ekjsö

I continued the study of the illusion of life, for teachers like Yuri Norstein, Johan Hagelbäck, Claes Jurander, Håkan Wennström and also my master, Sune Persson. I loved the glass-painting animation technique, in the style of Caroline Leaf. I also had an urge to make films about the human need to fly, break boundaries and be free. 

Left, Sune Persson. Middle, putting painted cels in the Oxberry.



Matchtown Cartoon Film, Jönköping 

I made classical cartoon charachter multiplane animation for Sune Persson, who was taught at Disney studios. We developed the film in the loo and watched the line tests in the sweatbox;  the Steenbeck editing table. We worked on a feature about animals and made animated commercials, mostly about Webes candy. 



Senior High school (Gymnasiet)

3-årig Samhälls-estetisk linje, Nässjö

Three years studying social sciences and art in windy Nässjö. I already decided to be an animator and illustrator. Every week for two years I went to Matchtown Cartoon Film and asked the animator to take me as an apprentice. Not until I had shown him one of my artwork did he call.

The artwork that was my ticket to being a devoted animator´s assistant in 1991.



" Tidens tre riktningar "written by Jerker Nordlund

I illustrated a Sci Fi-novel by an author who is based in Italy. A very interesting project. 

Small details of the big pictures



written by Malin Roca Ahlgren, Kikkuli förlag

I Illustrated two books; "Genomskinlig" and "Mimis särskilda begåvning" about troubled teenagers. Livia, 13, is bullied in school and Mimi, 13, is extra gifted and different. I llustrated covers and 15/ 20 chapters. You can find them at Adlibris, Bokus, Cdon and Akademibokhandeln. 




Sandagymnasiet, Huskvarna

I worked as an art teacher´s assistant at Senior High School (Gymnasiet) before I even went there myself. I made cartoons for papers, political caricatures for posters and public art for the municipality. I drew anything on demand and painted a lot of portraits in oil. In 1993, I made Folkpartiets gift to their party leader Bengt Westerberg on his 50th birthday, a big portrait of himself. 



3D-animation and vizualization, Högskolan i Väst

I was a lecturer during those years, both in Steneby and Trollhättan. The students were working in Maya and I was one of their character animation teachers. 



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